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Jean Monnet Summer Seminars


Date: August 21 - 22 - 23, 2023

Time: 09:30 - 16:30

Location: Google Meet



The importance of social policies is increasing day by day. The fair distribution of social welfare necessitates innovative studies in the field of social policies. On the other hand, in order to produce realistic and permanent policies, cooperation between the public and private sectors, civil and academic organizations in Türkiye and the European Union is required.

The Jean Monnet (JM) Summer Seminars will provide NGO representatives, policymakers, local administrators, and researchers the opportunity to present their views and discuss, exchange ideas, and create new networks in a constructive environment. The JM summer seminars, which will be held online between 21-23 August, will bring together various experts working in the field of social policies. During the three-day event, topics such as migration, youth, democracy, disasters, work-life balance, and life satisfaction will be covered by competent academics.


To develop a holistic and innovative perspective on social policies with the participation of policymakers, academics, researchers, NGO representatives, and students

To raise awareness about the contribution of the European Union and Türkiye as global actors in social policy making

To create suitable environments for participants from different backgrounds to examine new approaches on social policies

To initiate constructive discussions by sharing new ideas and practices on contemporary problems facing welfare states


The Summer Seminars will serve as an example to increase constructive discussions on social policies in Europe by bringing together policymakers, academics, experts, and students.

The seminar, which will present a broad framework in the field of population and social policies, will contribute to the understanding of the relations between Türkiye and the EU, and will facilitate the influence of the EU in the development of social policies in Turkey.

Since the seminars offer the opportunity for the participation of different actors in different themes, they will bring new perspectives to individuals and institutions and will pave the way for new partnerships and future studies.


The summer seminars are open to the participation of anyone interested in the field of social policies, especially policymakers, local administrators, NGO representatives, academics, researchers, and students. The event is free and registration is required via the link below. The number of participants is limited and the online event link only will be shared with those who fill out the participation form. A certificate of participation will be provided to participants who fully attend the three-day event.

Registration form:


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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Fatih Aysan is a faculty member in Sociology at Marmara University and the director of the Center for Population and Social Policies, Institute of Population and Social Research. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Western Ontario (2011) and taught sociology at the same university (2010-2012). His sociological interests are rooted at the intersection of demography, family, sociology of work, and social policy. His study centers on how changes in demographics, labor markets, and social policies combine to influence the welfare of societies.


Prof. Dr. Nuri Tınaz is a faculty member and head of the Department of Sociology at Marmara University. He completed his PhD. at the University of Warwick in England. He gave lectures and seminars at the University of Cambridge between 2001-2005. In 2008, he was at Utah State University, USA as part of the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program. His main research areas are the sociology of religion, Middle Eastern studies, new religious movements, and ethnic, racial, and immigrant Communities.


Assoc. Prof. Muhammet Tahir Kılavuz is a faculty member in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Marmara University and vice director of the Center for Population and Social Policies. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame in 2019. His research interests include authoritarianism, regime change, religion and politics, coup d’état, and survey analysis, both in the MENA and in the cross-regional setting. He also served as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Belfer Center's Middle East Initiative at Harvard University.


Assoc. Dr. Ümmügülsüm Aysan is a faculty member at the Department of Social Work at the University of Health Sciences. Aysan completed her undergraduate degree at Boğaziçi University, Department of Business Administration, and received her master's degree from Canada Brock University, Department of Business Administration. She received his Ph.D. in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations from Istanbul University. The main working areas of Ümmügülsüm Aysan are aging and elderly care, social policies, life satisfaction, work-life balance, and sustainability.


Asst. Prof. Aslıhan Nişancı is a faculty member in Psychology at Marmara University. During her Ph.D. studies at Jane Addams College of Social Work, her dissertation research focused on the relationship between parenting and adolescent well-being in Turkish immigrant families in the United States. As part of her studies, she worked in several social work organizations in the United States. Her practice and research interests include mental health, parenting, child well-being, and immigration.


Asst. Prof. Ayşe Yetiş-Bayraktar is a faculty member in Sociology at Marmara University. She is also a board member of the Center for Population and Social Policy. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2013 and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Sociology at Boğaziçi University between 2013 and 2015. She was a faculty member at the Department of Sociology at Altınbaş University between 2016 and 2020, where she served as the Associate Dean for the School of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences between 2019 and 2020. Her areas of interest are social stratification, sociology of work, and sociology of time use.


Asst. Prof. Zübeyir Nişancı is a faculty member in the Department of Sociology at Marmara University and vice director of the Center for Population and Social Policies. He received Ph.D. from Loyola University Chicago where he also taught various courses as a lecturer. Between 2011 and 2013, Zübeyir Nişancı worked as a statistics adviser at Loyola. His areas of interest include quantitative methods, sociology of religion, youth studies, religious movements, civic participation, social inequalities, immigration, and globalization.


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