Ongoing Projects


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Project Title: Social Policies in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

Supporting Institution: European Commission-ERASMUS-JMO-2022-HEI-TCH-RSCH 

Project Coordinator: Mehmet Fatih Aysan

Team members: Mehmet Fatih Aysan, Talip Küçükcan, Nuri Tınaz, Aslıhan Nişancı, Ayşe Yetiş-Bayraktar, Muhammet Tahir Kılavuz, Zübeyir Nişancı

Time: 2022-2025

The impact of this action will contribute to improving Turkey-EU relations by promoting and facilitating the EU’s influence in improving social policies in Turkey. Based on this, the main aim of this project is to create awareness about the EU’s contribution as a global actor in social policy making in Turkey. This aim will be reached by providing courses where students can have the option of choosing the European Union Module courses amongst others which specifically focuses on subjects such as varying social policies in Europe, contemporary challenges and risks to European social policies, and population. The outcome of these courses will be combined with seminars and workshops organized throughout the project, and student seminars at the end of each term where students can present their research papers. These workshops will bring university students, academics, policy makers, and experts together to encourage constructive discussions on social policies in Europe.


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Project Title: The Relationship of Built Environments with Health Indicators and Quality of Life: A Community Participatory Model Proposal for Healthy Cities

Supporting Institution: TÜBİTAK-1003

Researcher: Zübeyir Nişancı

Year: 2020-2023

The main goals of this project are to identify the internal relations within and across built environments through analyzing the physical attributes of built environments, street network morphometrics and land use characteristics, population density, socio-economic characteristics of inhabitants, and various health indicators at different geographical scales (such as physical activity, obesity, and non-communicable chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, depression), and to generate an evidence-based study within the framework of a community participatory model and with an urban vision of high quality and satisfactory, healthy environments.


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Project Title: Exploring The Transformation of Turkish Urban Landscape

Supporting Institution: TÜBİTAK-1001

Researcher: Zübeyir Nişancı

Year: 2020-2023

The project explores the transformation of the urban landscape in Turkey, which has been rapidly changing since the 1980s with regard to the locations of higher educational institutions and occupational zones. This project investigates factors affecting the hierarchies and relationship types in the settlement system at the district level.  


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Project Title: The Effect of Attitudes of the Family on Raising a Child and Formal Education on the Child's Academic, Cognitive and Social-Emotional Development


Supporting Institution: TÜBİTAK-ARDEB-1003

Principle Invesitigator: Beyza Ateş Şen, Researcher: Ayşe Yetiş-Bayraktar

Year: 2020-2023

This longitudinal project aims to investigate the short and long-term effects of the interactions between family and school on the academic-cognitive and social-emotional development of the child.



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